6 Successful Ways to Humanize Your Blog and Brand

Humanize Your Brand

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One of the most important things you can do for your blog is humanize it. The internet is wildly popular and because of this a good chunk of people who run their businesses online almost never talk face-to-face with their clients/readers. It is so important that you add your personality to your blog to have that special connection with your reader. 

If your readers were to meet you in person would they feel like:

1) They have known you forever. They see you on social media, they know your struggles, they subscribe to your weekly posts, they know what you like to do for fun, and because of this connection it's super easy for them to approach you because you feel like a best friend to them.


2) would they be shy and unsure of how to approach you because they know very little about you and you come off as intimidating.

Aim to be the best friend they know so much about. That's how you build trust and friendships and that's how you will stand and keep them coming back.

I'm not saying you should share your life story with the world but you should be sharing as much as you can about your business including your struggles, your wins, your frustrations, etc. People will connect with you on a personal level when they know the person behind the business is a real person, who just like everyone else fails and succeeds. 

When you're a mega-introvert like myself it's so easy to hide behind the computer and not show your face. I still dread the day when I decide host to my first webinar or decide to go on Periscope, the thought of it literally makes my hands sweat. However, I know facing those fears and just doing it I will gain new respect from my readers and be proud of what I accomplished.

If you are wondering how to humanize your brand I have a few options below, thankfully some less intimidating than others, so you don't have to show your face just yet. 

Let's dig in!

Treat Your Blog Like Your BFF

A great way to humanize your blog is to pretend it's an real person/your best friend. Think about how you talk around a friend or family member, you likely aren't talking in a monotone robot voice, instead you have charisma and personality.

A few ways to turn your blog into your bff is:

  1. Give your blog a name.
  2. What age range is your blog targeting?
  3. If your blog was a person what would they do in their spare time?
  4. If your blog had a full-time job what would they do?
  5. What kind of personality traits would your blog have if they were a person?

The more your blog feels like your bff the easier it will be to talk openly and let your personality shine through. 

 How to apply this to your blog:

  1. Write your blog posts how you would read it to someone in person, add your personality, humour, and charisma. A great way to improve on this is to read your blog posts out loud and see if there's anything you can change or add to make it sound more exciting and like the awesome person you are. 
  2. Add a fun photo of yourself in your sidebar. If you are an artist have a friend take a photo of you while painting with your hands messy and you in your element. If you are a fitness blogger have a photo of you in your workout gear, etc. 
  3. Reply to every comment on your blog posts in a friendly manner. Thank them for taking time to reply. If someone can take time out of their day to read your post AND comment there's no excuse on your end. 

Pro tip: don't go overboard on the humour and keep things a tad bit professional, this is after all your business.

Have A Killer About Page

Your about page should be the holy grail that focuses well...on you! Use this space to let people know who you are, what you do, and what they can expect to find on your website. This is the place to let your personality shine and to show the world just how amazing you are. 

What should you included on your about page?

  1. Another awesome photo or two of you in your element. 
  2. A short paragraph that explains who you are.
  3. Another short paragraph explaining your business and how you can help.
  4. A few fun facts about you, your business, or both.
  5. If you offer a free course or workbook promoting it at the bottom of the page is a great way to get people to sign up for your newsletter and you can show them just how great your free content is.

Pro tip: keep your about page short and interesting. Avoid writing a novel and expect people to actually read the whole thing. Keep it short, sweet, and visually interesting.

Your Social Media Channels Aren't 100% Automated 

Eeeep, this is a big one and I'm guilty of it. Do you find yourself on Twitter following your favourite people but their tweets are kinda..empty; something is missing but you aren't sure what. Then you take another look at their feed and you see it's 99% automated tweets.

Don't get me wrong, sharing is friggin caring, it's a great way to get noticed and spread the love, but avoid going overboard. When someone follows you on Twitter or any social media channel it's because they think you are super rad and want to see more of you. The worst thing you can do is send them to your Twitter account that is 99% automated, soulless tweets. 

Now don't get me wrong, automating tweets is a great way to share posts from other bloggers that you truly find inspiring and to show them you support what they are doing. Scheduling is also great way to save time, but maybe, just maybe don't make your feed only automated tweets. Make sure you are going on Twitter/wherever you hang out on social media and engage with your followers to prove to them you are in fact a real human being. 


Give Your Readers A Behind The Scenes Glimpse

For the longest time I wrote my blog posts, hit publish, and sent them out into the world via social media and that was that. I eventually started to realize that is exactly what a robot would do. I bit the bullet and downloaded Snapchat because it is far less intimidating than Periscope but it still offers that behind the scenes personal touch. 

I have yet to show my face but I share photos and video of what I'm working on during the day, lots of coffee photos, blog posts in progress, etc. It took a some getting used to, at first I thought Snapchat was the worst and it was just another app on my phone that I barely touched, but now I'm starting to see the potential it has so I'm embracing it fully. 

P.S Let's be Snapchat buds: πŸ‘» forthandcreate

Here are a few things you can snap (is that even the proper lingo?) for your business:

  1. Video of you working at your desk.
  2. Video of you on your lunch break.
  3. Something funny you saw on the internet.
  4. Share a daily struggle with your followers.
  5. Share a win with your followers.
  6. Share sketches, drawings, mockups, final products.

Use Audio, Video, Or Both On Your Blog

Blog posts are so much more than just written words these days. People like getting their info through multiple channels including text, video, and audio. If you are only writing out your blog posts and calling it a day then you are seriously missing out.

I recorded my first video tutorial on this blog post (enter) and it was so frustrating. Trying to describe what you are doing on video is really hard and it can take a few tries to get it right. I wasn't too hard on myself though because it was my first time trying it and I'm so glad I did. It forced me out of my comfort zone and I'm one step closer to recording video with my face.

You don't have to include video / audio every time you post on your blog but make sure it add it in every once and awhile where you think it could be most useful. If you are telling people how to set up their Squarespace account then include a video tutorial because it's likely they will understand you better when you are showing them exactly what to do.

Avoid Being Constantly Sales-y 

Have you ever signed up for someone's email list and every single email they send out is super sales-y and they are trying to get you to buy something from them? Bleh, I usually hit unsubscribe.

If you have a blog and an email list than you likely are or will be selling something down the road which is awesome. Avoid trying to pitch a sale every time you post on your blog or send a newsletter. People like value so if you are occasionally pitching something to them then it normally doesn't bother them as much because they are also getting a ton of value from you in your non sales'y emails.  

When it comes down to it you want to create a space on the internet that people love visiting. They love it because you create awesome content, you know what you are talking about, you offer content upgrades that will help them with something they are struggling with, and you are responsive with their questions on social media and in your comment section. 

That's all for today friends. I hope you learned a thing or two about humanizing your blog. Make sure to download my free workbook to help you discover new ways to humanize your blog and figure out what works best for you. 

Talk soon!