8 Ways to Refresh Your Squarespace Website

The thing I love most about Squarespace is how easy it is to use. Don't get me wrong I love Wordpress and I think it has a lot of useful features and plugins, however, personally I love keeping things simple so Squarespace is for me. 

Your website is your online home. Much like your bedroom or an attic where you keep all your personal belongings, it can tend to get a little outdated and dusty if not properly maintained. 

The best thing you can do for your website is to refresh it every once and awhile to keep things current and fresh for your viewers. 

Below I've listed 8 ways you can refresh your Squarespace website in no time!

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1. Clean up the backend

The backend of your website is a lot like the closet you shove all your things in before you have friends or family over. Just because people can't see it doesn't mean it needs to be a huge mess. I'm totally guilty of this! I have so many pages in my backend that it can be overwhelming to look at.

There's nothing more stressful than logging into your Squarespace account to a huge mess of random pages. I'm also guilty of not organizing my pages or naming them properly. There's nothing more annoying than trying to find a specific page only to have named it something completely random and not relevant to the content. Not having your pages named correctly will also affect your SEO and that's a huge loss for you. 

A few tips for cleaning up the backend:

  • Make sure your pages are named appropriately.

  • Delete any pages you no longer use.

  • Organize your pages and indexes in the order they appear on your website. For example Home Page > Blog > Shop > About > Contact, etc.


2. Updating your website's copy

If you are in the position to hire a copywriter that is your best bet for updating your copy. Well, written copy will make your website not only a bit more professional but will keep the interest of your reader. Take a moment to go through your website and make a list of pages that need some work. Maybe your About page could use a refresh or you want your home page copy to really stand out so you grab your reader's attention. Even if you aren't in the position to hire a copywriter maybe, you can trade your services or ask a friend or a family member to proofread your copy. 

A few tips for updating your websites copy:

  • As mentioned above go through each page on your website and make a list of pages that need some work.

  • Reach out to people in Facebook groups and see if you can trade your services for a copywriter.

  • Narrow down your content. No one is going to read a novel on your About page. Try and keep things straight to the point while sounding interesting and personal. 

  • Find help and inspiration on websites like Pinterest. You are guaranteed to find articles that will help you with your copy. 


3. Offer your reader something new

People will keep coming back if they can expect something from you. The great thing about this is it can literally be anything!

A few examples are:

  • Offering a freebie once a month. This can be anything from a template to make their life easier, free design goods, an ebook, phone wallpaper, etc.

  • Hosting a challenge on your blog or Instagram.

  • Host a giveaway.

  • Blog consistently. As long as you are blogging regularly you will keep your readers around.


4. Refresh your design

If you've been sporting your blog design for a while now maybe it's time to freshen things up!

A few ways you can refresh your design are:

  • Update your font and colour palette.

  • Change Squarespace themes for a new layout.

  • Take new headshots for your About page.

  • Refresh your blog categories. Delete anything that you haven't used in awhile.

  • Redesign your Squarespace website footer. Is there anything you can get rid of or more importantly are you missing anything?


5. Add guest bloggers

A great way to keep things fresh and exciting is to bring on guest bloggers. Guest bloggers are great because they offer your reader's knowledge in their field that you might not have experience in. Guest bloggers are also great because they bring in more traffic to your site from them promoting the post on their social. 

A few tips for bringing on guest bloggers:

  • Reach out to people in Facebook groups and ask if they would like to contribute to your blog.

  • Make sure what they have to offer is relevant to your blog and niche.

  • Schedule your guest bloggers in advanced and make sure to reach out to them with deadlines and other important info.


6. Site maintenance 

It's super important to make sure your site is well maintained. If you have broken links, pages that don't exist anymore, slow loading time, etc your readers will get frustrated and move on. 

A few tips for maintaining your website is:

  • Check your links and check them often. Spend one day a week going through the links on your site and making sure everything works.

  • Are your images loading? Check your pages and blog posts to make sure everything still looks good.

  • Does your website work on all browsers? Visit your website on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc and see if there's anything that needs to be adjusted.

  • Work on bulking up your sites SEO. In Squarespace visit the SEO section in the backend and make sure everything is filled in and up to date.


7. Simplify the design

The worst thing you can do for your website is to overcrowd it with information overload. You don't want your reader to feel overwhelmed when they visit your site. Your design should be easy to digest and easy to navigate. The flow of your website is everything! Your website should feel welcoming and not scary. 

A few tips for website design are:

  • Take a close look at your website is there anything you can cut out? Maybe you have way too info on your home page or maybe your contact page is flooded with copy when all you really need is the basic contact form and email address.

  • Have a friend look at your website. Fresh eyes on your site will bring in a new perspective, and you'll see things you might have missed before.

  • Does the flow of your website make sense? Are people feeling confused when they land on your website? You have 3 seconds to grab someone's attention so if they aren't sure what it is you blog about you'll likely loss their interest.

  • Are your main navigation, footer, and possible sidebar have too much content? Cutting out things that aren't important will put the focus on the content you want your readers to see.

  • Remember, less is more!


8. Install a new template

Squarespace comes with beautiful templates ready to install, however, if you are looking for something a little less out of the box and more unique, custom templates are the way to go! 

Designing Squarespace templates is one of my favourite things to do and so I'm excited to announce my latest one, Sloane and Ollie. 

Sloane and Ollie is the perfect Squarespace template for bloggers. It has a clean and breathable design that puts the focus on letting your content shine. Sloane and Ollie comes with easy to follow video instructions, so you can get your website up and running in no time. 

Sloane and Ollie Squarespace Template