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10 Beautiful Serif Fonts For Your Brand

Today I’m sharing 10 beautiful serif fonts that you can use for your brand or your next project.

I hand selected my 10 favourite and listed them below. Enjoy! :)

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The best free fonts for your next project

Today I'm sharing twelve free fonts that I'm obsessed with. There's nothing better than finding a good free font. Please make sure to read each font license to make sure you are allowed to use the font outside of personal projects. 

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The Top 10 Typography Sins You'll Want to Avoid

You've probably heard me say this a hundred times but typography is super important in design land. Bad typography can make you come across as an amateur and leave your designs suffering. 

And trust don't want that. 

Check out my 10 typography sins below so you can avoid making these mistakes in your next design project. 

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How to pair Google fonts like a pro

If you are looking for free fonts / fonts that work across all platforms for your next web project then Google fonts is a great resource. 

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How to Choose the Right Fonts for Your Brand

When it comes time to pick out fonts for your brand you might go with what you think is the nicest looking or the cheapest/free, which makes total sense if you don't know much about fonts and the power they hold. The problem with picking any old font is that you could be conveying a tone for your brand that you don't want without even realizing. 

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10 Beautiful Free Fonts

If you are as font obsessed as I am then you are probably always on the search for nice looking fonts, even better if they are free! Below I've listed 10 free beautiful fonts that you probably haven't come across yet. Coming soon I will have a full blog post describing the importance of typography and how to choose the right fonts for your project. Until then I will warm you up with this great list. 

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