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7 Hacks for Designing like a Pro

If having to design something for yourself leaves you in a sweaty panic then check out my 7 tips below.

The 7 tips will make sure you are on the right track to designing something meaningful, beautiful, and functional.

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Create Killer Graphics With This Design Kit

I love searching for design tools that not only speed up my design process but also make my work look amazing. As a graphic designer I understand I'm not the best illustrator or a font designer, so anytime I see a bundle that I know will help me down the road I immediately take advantage of it. 

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The Top Subreddits for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

I'm familiar with Reddit but never thought of it as a business tool. It wasn't until recently that I discovered how useful certain subreddits can be. 

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How to Design the Perfect Blog Post

Blogging is more than just writing your awesome post and hitting publish. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before sending your post into the wild. 

Have you ever visited a blog and while the content was good there was something about it that turned you off? 

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9 Ways to Create Content That Isn't Oversaturated

Unfortunately, content marketing is an oversaturated market. Fortunately, everyone is unique. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs and in the end adding your own knowledge into the oversaturated market is actually a good thing. 

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