15 Unique Websites for Colour Inspiration

Colour plays a huge part in any design project or brand. It has the power to convey certain emotions.

Picking out a colour palette might feel like a daunting task but with the right resources and inspiration it can actually be a lot of fun. 

Check out my top 15 unique places to find inspiration. 

Click through for 15 unique websites to find colour inspiration and colour palettes for your brand or next design project. 


Coolers is one of my favourite colour palette generators. 

All you have to do is hit the spacebar and colours are generated until you are happy with the palette. You also have the option to lock a colour if you like it and continue building your palette. 

My favourite feature: the Adobe add-on so you can access you palettes easily while designing. 

Design Seeds

Design Seeds is a colour inspiration blog that curates colour palettes and categorizes them for easy reference. 

My favourite feature: the Atlas section features colour palettes for each season. 


Colour Pod is a simple grid based blog that features different colour palettes and images for inspiration. 

My favourite feature: I love the option to choose between viewing different palettes based on the colour wheel such as, monochromatic, analogous, and complementary. 

Color Hunt

As a designer I love sites that are simple and laid out nicely. Color Hunt makes it easy as pie to view different palettes and create your own. 

My favourite feature: the simplicity of the website and the ability to view popular and random palettes. 


Paletton is a handy tool for creating monochromatic, adjacent, triad, tetrad, and free-style palettes. 

My favourite feature: when you choose a colour it shows different shades of that specific colour in the box to the right. I also like when you click on a colour to grab the info it shows extensive info such as Hue, Luminosity, and Lab numbers. 

Flat UI Color Picker

Flat UI Color Picker is a simple website to quickly view colours and grab the codes. It would be nice if there were more colour options and the possibility to create and save colour palettes. 

My favourite feature: I enjoy the different colour categories. 


When you visit the site you are taken to a black screen with the colour code shown. When you click on the page a different column is created and you can choose another colour. You can keep doing this until you have a palette you are happy with. 

My favourite feature: the ability to get really specific with the colours in your palette.

As far as I can tell you can't save your palettes, however it looks like they have an app that might have more functions compared to the desktop webpage. 

Brand Colors

As you might have guessed, Brand Colors is a website that lists colour palettes from different brands. 

My favourite feature: when you click on a colour it automatically copies it to your clipboard.

Cohesive Colors

This is such a cool and simple way to get a palette that is cohesive. By adding an overlay colour to your palette you are left with colours that fit together a little more nicely. 

My favourite feature: everything, I'm obsessed with this idea!

LOL Colors

LOL Colors is a fun site to gather inspiration. I love the layout and design of the site, it makes finding palettes a bit more fun and interesting. 

My favourite feature: the option to like different palettes and view the most popular.

HTML Color Codes

A great site for finding colour inspiration for your next web project. 

My favourite feature:  the colour charts for flat design, material design, and web safe design help you choose colours that will work for your next project. 

Colorful Gradients

Despite the name this site is more than just colourful gradients, although, the gradients are really soothing and nice to look at. 

You can also click the buttons in the top navigation to visit a pastels page, a colour and colour page, etc. 

My favourite feature: according to the text on each page lots of new colours are added daily which keeps things fresh. 

Color Drop

Color Drop is another simple way to get inspiration and grab colour codes that pique your interest. The layout design is nice and easy to navigate. 

My favourite feature: If you click the little paint bucket icon at the bottom you can choose from different backgrounds which is nice to see how the colours sit against different colours. 

Color Thief

If you ever wanted to grab a colour palette from an image quickly then Color Thief is a great option. You can easily drop in your photo and the colour palette will pop up. It would be nice if they had the hex codes shown.

My favourite feature: It shows the dominate colour first and then the palette below. 

Hello Color

Hello Color is a fun little tool to help you find colours that add a nice contrast when paired together. 

My favourite feature: Simple to use and opens your mind to new colour combos. 

I would love to know your favourite places to get colour inspiration and palettes. Drop your comments below!