9 Ways to Create Content That Isn't Oversaturated

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If you are a blogger then you likely feel the same way I do when it comes to creating new content.

This is what goes through my mind from start to finish when writing a blog post:

  1. I have no idea what I should write about.
  2. I have an idea after brainstorming.
  3. I look on Google and Pinterest to see if it's already been done.
  4. Of course, it's already been done. I then start to doubt if I should even bother.
  5. I then decide to go for it because I have my own opinion about the topic.
  6. I write the post and then the doubt comes back before I hit publish.
  7. After it's published I feel really happy with it and I usually get great feedback from others.

As you can see I used to stress over steps 3-6 with every blog post I would write. I worried about writing content that was already out there. 

Why would I want to put so much time and effort into creating a post about a topic that you can find a thousand times on Pinterest? 

Unfortunately, content marketing is an oversaturated market. Fortunately, everyone is unique. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs and in the end adding your own knowledge into the oversaturated market is actually a good thing. 

Why is it so good you ask?

Imagine looking for an article on Pinterest on how to set up your Squarespace website and only finding one article on the subject. You might open the article and find a step-by-step process, but it's for a template that you don't really like, or you find the instructions really long and hard to understand. 

What actually happens when you search setting up your Squarespace website on Pinterest? 


Not only do you get articles on how to set up your Squarespace website but you also get articles on how to do a tonne of other things in Squarespace. 

The thing to remember is one person isn't going to give you all the information you need unless you've purchased a course from them and it includes all the essentials you need to get started. 

The beauty of an oversaturated market is your content is still needed and there will always be room for your knowledge. Don't let the thousands of Squarespace articles on Pinterest scare you away from writing your own because people will read it and appreciate it. 

Now don't get me wrong, there's content out there that is leaps and bounds better than articles on the same subject. 

If you are going to create content in an oversaturated market then you are going to need to put your best stuff out there and rise above the mediocre articles in order to stand out. 

Below I'm going to take you through nine different ways on how to create content that will stand out in the oversaturated market. 

Look where people aren't looking for inspiration

Let's be real, it's 2016, the internet is our go-to tool for finding inspiration. It's easy, quick and usually provides what you are looking for. However, you and a million other people are doing it which results in you and all these other people looking at the same inspiration. 

Now I'm not saying that's a terrible thing, I encourage using the internet to find inspiration, you can find so much good stuff. However, once you are done on the internet think about where you can go next to find even more inspiration. 

A few places to find inspiration:

  • Magazines. Since I'm mostly write about design and blogging I like to look in design magazines. It's a good way to keep up with the latest trends in your niche. If you write for a home decor blog browse interior design magazines and other home magazines. 
  • The library. Yes, get your butt to the library, look up books in your niche and browse through them. Bring a notebook or your laptop along with you to jot down anything you find worth remembering. 
  • Real life objects. Since I write about design I like to look at package design in stores, textures on walls, colour palettes in clothing stores, etc. 
  • Go for a walk. Think about your content away from everyday distractions.
  • Join Facebook groups. (Yes this involves being on the internet but I find it super valuable) The best part of Facebook Groups is someone is always asking for advice and likely in your niche. You don't even have to participate in the conversation, just take notes and observe what people are after. You'd be surprised the amount ideas for blog posts I get in Facebook Groups. 

By taking that extra step to find inspiration where others aren't looking you are already one step ahead of them. 

Keep up with the latest trends 

When it comes to branding and design I usually tell you to stay away from design trends in order to be timeless and unique.  When it comes to creating content, however, you want to make sure you are staying relevant and up-to-date within your niche. 

If you are a fashion blogger you aren't going to write about last season's outfits. You likely want to write about the latest trends and what's hot right now. 

If you are a photo blogger maybe there's new photography equipment that was recently released that you want to review or let people know about it. 

If you are a design blogger you want to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to web and mobile design and make sure you're sharing updated information.

You get the idea, right? 

By keeping up with the current trends you come off as a professional in your field and your readers will respect you. 

No one wants to read about Pinterest trends from 2012, they want the latest and greatest information that will help them succeed. 

Give your own opinion

In order to create stellar content that is going to stand out in the crowd it has to involve your knowledge and opinion. Of course, there are times where you will interview people, or have people guest post on your blog and that's totally cool, but your blog needs to be a big chunk of you and your voice.

When it comes to writing new content I avoid reading other people's blog posts on the same topic. I don't want their views to skew my views on the topic. I like to have a clear mind and keep my thoughts and opinions on point. 

Some people like to look at other people's blog posts on the same topic to see what the writer may have missed out on and how they can expand on the topic and offer even more value. I think that's a great idea but stay true to your opinions and don't copy other people's work. 

Add Value

If someone is going to take ten minutes out of their day to read your content then it better be valuable. 

A good way to add value to your content is to offer something no one else is offering. Maybe that's your own experience in your niche. People love to read about other people's experiences, so if you think it could help your reader, then share away! 

Another way to add value is to offer step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish something. And I don't mean a sentence or two on how to do it, really go in-depth and explain the benefits, the pros the cons, and anything else you think will be helpful to your reader. They will be so thankful you are offering it for free. 

If you want to go a step further a good idea is to offer a takeaway in your blog post. For example, if you just wrote this long post about how to lose ten pounds in a month then offer your reader a grocery list of healthy food, or a diet plan. People love free things and by providing them that extra value will keep them coming back for more quality posts. 


Don't be afraid to stand out

The greatest thing about being you is you are unique!

Let your unique personality shine through in your content. 

No one likes the robot sounding blog posts. People enjoy reading content that is fun, easy to understand and is different from what they normally read. 

Some people struggle to write how they talk or communicate in person and a great way to overcome that is to record yourself reading your own blog posts. After recording go back and change anything you said that really shows your personality.

For example maybe you explained yourself better than how you did in your written post, or maybe you laughed a lot so you add a few lol's in your post.

Don't be afraid to let loose, it's your personality that will play a part in bringing people back to your blog.

Unless you are writing for a newspaper or corporate website just be you.


Strive for exceptional content not content that is just okay. 

Your blog should be your baby. You obviously want people to keep coming back so you need to be creating exceptional content.

The worst thing you can do for your blog is to write content just to get it out there. 

I usually spend a whole day writing a blog post after I'm done brainstorming and researching.

If you are writing out blog posts in twenty minutes then you are doing it wrong. 

The longer your blog posts are the more likely they offer exceptional content. I like to strive for 900-2000 words for my posts, and guess what...it's super easy and not hard at all to do.

If you are passionate and know a lot about your niche then writing lengthy blog posts won't difficult at all.

And remember, you are trying to stand out in an oversaturated market. If you are writing just okay posts people are going to be disappointed and move on to the person who is creating in-depth, valuable posts.

Listen to your audience

If your audience is asking questions then you should be catering to them. Having an engaged audience is so beneficial because they are creating new content for you. 

If people are asking questions in your comment section, jot them down and use them for future posts. Chances are if one person is wondering about something a whole bunch of people are also wondering the same thing. 

As I mentioned above Facebook Groups are gold. Instead of scrolling through endless posts in the group to find someone asking a question in your niche, use the search tool in the top right corner and lookup your niche. This will filter out all the unnecessary posts that aren't relevant to you. 

Ask for feedback

If you are wondering if your content is good enough, or if you are providing enough value then ask someone in your niche to read a post or two.

A few things to ask them are:

  1. Did you find my blog posts long enough where you got good value out of them?
  2. Did my content teach you anything new?
  3. Is there anything you would like to see in my content?
  4. If you had to change one thing about my content what would it be?
  5. Would you come back to my blog after reading my content?

It's a good idea to get someone you don't know to give you feedback and you can usually find that person in a Facebook Group. Avoid asking your mom or sister because they likely aren't in your niche, and will only give you positive feedback to avoid hurting your feelings. 

I hope you found this post useful. If you have any tips or suggestions on how to stand out in the crowd leave them in the comment section. :)