Favourite Design Tools Vol. 2

Creative Market is by far my favourite place to find design resources. I'm always saving my favourite resources and so I thought I would share them with you! Please note this post contains affiliate links. 

A curated list of my favourite design resources. Creative Market, Design Tools, Mockups, Fonts

Poppit & FiNch A Font Duo & Illustrations

Nicky Laatz has a tonne of beautiful fonts on Creative Market. My favourite thing about Poppit & Finch is that it comes with a script font and a sans font which pair beautifully. Not only do you receive the font but also a tonne of illustrations and pre-made logos. 

Beauty Blogger Bundle

I'm not a beauty blogger but I can still appreciate beautiful stock photos. These clean, minimal photos are sure to brighten up your website and Instagram. 

Station Seven Theme Bundle

Station Seven is my favourite place to get blog themes. Over at my lifestyle blog I'm currently using their Monstera Theme. If you can't decide on a theme (trust me, it's not easy) then you might consider purchasing their theme bundle. It's a small investment and you'll have 5 of their gorgeous themes to swap out at any time. 

Sydney Font Duo & 12 Free Logos

Sydney font is another font duo that comes with 12 pre-made logos. The script font is my favourite part of this bundle. 

Quirk Font

Quirk is a bold uppercase font. It comes with special characters for that quirky look. 

Letter Board Mockup

I love finding unique mockups and this letter board is on the top of my list. Add a unique look to your website and Instagram with custom messages that fit your brand. 

Gift Wrapping Paper Mockup

With the holiday season fast approaching you might consider creating your own wrapping paper designs and selling them. If that's the case this mockup is the perfect way to display them and get people to buy from you. 

Kate Max Stock Tropical Leaves Photo Bundle

Honestly though, who doesn't love a good leaf stock photo? They are especially perfect for backdrops and to add a pop of green to your feed. 

Custom Scene Planner Edition

There is so much you can do with this mockup creator. It comes with so many goodies and is updated with new items regularly. It's perfect for creating unique brand photos for your website and social feed. 

Colour Blocking Seamless Patterns

If you are a fan of bold colour blocks then this package of 40 seamless patterns is for you. 

Abstrasphere Abstract Patterns

Last but not least, these 50 abstract patterns are my favourite item on this list! I love the bold shapes and lines for a fun, playful look. 

If you have any favourite design resources drop them in the comment section, I'd love to check them out!