How to Add Content Upgrades to Your Blog Posts Using Convertkit


(I've included my Convertkit aff link in this post. If you click through and sign up for Convertkit I will receive a small amount in return. I only promote products I truly love and find helpful)

If you are taking this blogging thing seriously you likely have Convertkit, Mailchimp, or another service to build your email list. Adding content upgrades to your blog posts is a huge way to bring in new subscribers, because let's be real, people love free stuff! Today I'll be teaching you how to add content upgrades to your blog posts using Convertkit and Squarespace, although if you are on Wordpress this will also be useful to you.

Let's get started...

What are content upgrades? 

Content upgrades are freebies of any sort that you add to your blog post, usually in return for an email address to grow your email list. I've only been blogging here at Forth and Create since January of this year and I can tell you content upgrades work, big time! Content upgrades are usually free so they don't have to be this big, elaborate thing that you put hours and hours into creating.

Some examples of upgrades include:

  • Checklists
  • Recipes
  • Mini ebooks
  • Mini courses
  • workbooks
  • challenges
  • lists, etc.

Adding content upgrades using Convertkit and Squarespace is easy peasy and I'll show you a few different options below.


First thing first, we need to create our Convertkit landing page. This is where your content upgrade image, details, and sign up box will live. Follow the instructions below to build your own.

Step 1: Go to Forms > click Create Form


Step 2: Choose 'A Landing Page'


Step 3: Choose what template you want to use. I usually pick the first one, it works best for me and my needs.


Step 4: Once you have your landing page designed click 'settings.'


Step 5: In Main Settings you want to make sure 'a full landing page hosted by Convertkit' is clicked. I have a welcome email that is automatically sent to all new subscribers along with the content upgrade. You want to make sure to adjust your settings to your needs under 'Sequence Settings.' 


Step 6: Click 'Incentive Email' on the left under 'Main Settings.' This is where you are going to write your email that your subscribers receive after signing up for your content upgrade. 

Don't forgot to upload your freebie or direct them to the page where they can download it. 


Step 7: When you are happy with your landing page click the 'View' button on the top left and copy the page URL.


Step 8: Lastly, you'll want to paste your URL in your image button on Squarespace. To do this 'Edit' your image button and paste the URL where it says 'Clickthrough URL' at the bottom. 


Pro tip: I like to add the image button throughout my blog post a few times. Your readers are likely to sign up if they see the incentive a few times rather than just once at the bottom of the post. 


Once I've finished writing my blog post and have my Convertkit landing page set up I then move onto designing my blog post graphics, this includes the content upgrade image buttons.

Below are a few examples of past buttons I've made.

When creating my image buttons I make sure they grab my readers attention. A good way to do this is to add a preview of your content upgrade, for example pages from your workbook. Make sure your headline is straight to the point and your button stands out.

If designing a content upgrade button image isn't up your alley, thankfully Squarespace makes adding buttons to your blog post super simple. 


Step 1: Simply insert the Button widget into your post where you want it to sit.

Step 2: Add your own text. Remember to be as specific as possible, tell people what to do. Having 'click to download' in your text is pretty clear to your readers that they need to click the button to get the freebie. 


Step 3: add the Convertkit landing page URL to the Squarespace button

Click the button below to check it out in action. I linked it to one of my previous content upgrades to show you how it works.

4. using convertkit forms for your content upgrades

Another option is using a form in Convertkit as shown in my example below. 


To create a form you want to follow the same steps as the landing page option but instead of choosing a landing page you will want to pick the form option.


Once you complete the form step up (follow the same steps as the landing page above) you'll want to copy the code that is in the 'Embed' section on the panel to the left.


After copying the code head back to your Squarespace post and insert a 'Code' widget.


Finally, paste the code in between the <p> </p> and hit 'Apply.'


Yay, now you have three ways to apply content upgrades to your Squarespace site using Convertkit! 

Convertkit is πŸ’― in my books. If you are thinking of making the switch from Mailchimp just do it. Seriously, it's worth every penny. 

Pro tip - add an image widget to your sidebar displaying your best content upgrade. When people see your awesome 50 page workbook, or whatever you've created they will be tempted to download as they scroll through your blog.

If you're looking for content upgrade ideas for your blog I've got you covered. I have 120 ideas for almost every niche including blogging, business, beauty, fashion, design, fitness, food, etc. The best part is you could even take these ideas and use them for blog posts, score! I hope you enjoy them.