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A Brand Guide Breakdown and Why You Need One Now

Whether you've put in a tonne of work designing your own brand or paid someone to do it for you it's pretty darn important you have a brand guide to keep everything in order.

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10 Ways To Improve Your Logo Now

Let's be honest, designing a logo can be stressful, especially if you aren't familiar with the basic design principals. In this post I've included 10 ways to improve your logo now. Whether you currently have a logo you are not happy with or you are looking to design one these tips should put you on the right path!

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The 7 Elements Your Brand Needs

Your brand is so much more than just a pretty logo, it speaks for your business so if you aren't communicating the proper tone and voice you may be hurting your business without even knowing it.  

When you think of building a brand does your mind automatically go to:

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How to Choose the Right Fonts for Your Brand

When it comes time to pick out fonts for your brand you might go with what you think is the nicest looking or the cheapest/free, which makes total sense if you don't know much about fonts and the power they hold. The problem with picking any old font is that you could be conveying a tone for your brand that you don't want without even realizing. 

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How to Create an Amazing Brand Board

Today I'll be discussing why creating a brand guide is crucial for your brand. So let's dig in and start with the why. Say you've spent hours upon hours creating a brand you finally love (trust me, I know how hard that can be) but you skip on creating a brand guide. It's pretty much like writing your first novel and not hitting save once. You put so much hard work into creating your work and in the end you don't have a home for it. All that time and effort eventually becomes lost and you are back to square one. Scary, right?!

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