Why You Need to Learn Typography Now. Free Mini Course Included


Hey there friend, I'm so excited for todays post! I'll be explaining the importance of something I'm truly passionate about and that is typography. Not only will I be discussing why it's so important to learn but I'm offering a FREE typography course, woot, woot!

You might be wondering why typography is important and why you need to learn it. Hold on to your seat, because what if I told you 90% of design is typography and 95% of web design is typography. Yes, you read that right. Typography makes up a huuuuge part of design so making sure you understand how to create nice type will will set you above the other bloggers who know little to nothing. 

Ready for another shocker?

When someone visits your site you have only 7 seconds to lure them in before they decide to go elsewhere.

Imagine going to someones site, their blog design is nice but you find it really hard to read their content. Because of their poor font choices and type layout in their graphics you likely won't be returning because who wants a headache and eye strain from reading? Not me! Just because you have a nice blog theme, a pretty colour palette and stand out photos, when it comes down to it if you don't have legible type than everything else doesn't matter. As I mentioned above it's 95% of web design.

Before I went to college and studied design I literally knew nothing about typography. I was struggling to create graphics but because I didn't know better, what I thought looked nice, actually looked terrible. I'm about to show you something seriously horrible, like..embarrassing. Before college I wanted to create a website for my photography so I went to Wix. 

Let's try and focus on that horrible typography. I thought I was being super creative by using that block font for my logo at the top and only adding a pink background behind "Urban Pink" reeeeeal creative hehe. Can you even see the navigation? In case you can't it's to the right on top of those pink lines looking smushed and awful. This right here is just a slice of bad typography. I mean really, would you ever want to come back to this site after seeing this design? Prooobably not. 


So how do you know if you're using the right type on your blog? Here are some pointers to help guide you along:

First, let's go into what you need to avoid:


If you currently have your blog post content set to centre align then you need to change it to left align pronto. Left align text is so much easier on the eyes and makes reading comfortable. When you centre align your long blocks of text it makes it super difficult for your reader to follow along. Leave the centre align text for your blog post headers or really small blocks of text.  


As I'm sure you can tell using a script font for your blog post content is a huge no-no. I don't have to tell you it is extremely difficult to read and I'm guessing you wouldn't want to read a blog where they use a script font for their content. Now this is just my personal opinion but I would also avoid using it in your post headers. Sure it's not terrible but you should be aiming to make your blog posts as easy to read as possible and this holds you back bit. 


Avoid using light fonts that you have to squint to see. Take a look at the blog post header, it is a lot darker than the content which is forcing my eyes to look at it while I'm trying to read the post content. Contrast in fonts is a good thing but this is a little too extreme. 

Now let's go into what you should be doing:


Now you know what to avoid let's talk about good font choices. As you can see above, the blog post header is slightly bigger than the content. It's also a bit darker which adds that nice contrast but isn't too distracting. The post content is large enough to read and is spaced out nicely. This makes reading long blog posts extremely easy and is friendly on the eyes.

If you are still unsure if you blog is reader friendly have a few friends and family members take a look at it and ask for their honest opinions, or jump into a Facebook group and ask people there. 

Now you understand why good type is necessary for your blog posts, let's move on to your blog graphics.

Check out my example below. 

Both use the same one font, Brandon Grotesque, but look how the one on the right conveys excitement and looks more attractive. Just by using different weights within the font and making the right words stand out more than others you can create a beautiful graphic.


(by the way, you will learn how to create the image on the right in my free type course!)

Keep the advice I gave you above in mind when creating your graphics. You wouldn't want to use a hard to read script font, text that is too small, or too big, fonts that are too light, etc and miss the opportunity for someone to visit your blog because they couldn't read or understand your graphic. These graphics will make their way to Pinterest so you want to make sure everything is legible and clear for potential readers.

What I went over with you today is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much you can learn about typography and I truly believe having typography as a skill set will only benefit you and your reader and put you above the rest. It is especially useful if you are looking to create a product in the future to sell to your readers. Your potential customers will trust you a whole lot more if they see well designed imagery.

I recently came across this article, Convince With Simple Fonts. Two researchers gave two groups of people simple instructions but both instructions were typed out in different fonts. It took the group with the instructions typed out in a simple font only 8 minutes to complete. The group who had the instructions written out in a hard to read brush font took 15 minutes to complete the task. This quote from the article sums it all up..

"If you need to convince a customer, client, or donor to perform a simple task, you should describe that task in a simple, easy to read font"

If this post has sparked your interest at all then I have a special treat for you! I'm offering a FREE Type Champion course that digs into typography even more. You will be learning about different fonts, what fonts you should be using for your blog, I'll be teaching you the technical side of type including how to kern, a look at the character palette in Illustrator and InDesign, my favourite font resources and a whole bunch more including free workbooks.

I'm giving this to you for free because I know the struggle is real when it comes to creating nice graphics that aren't cookie cutter templates from other sites. It's time to be unique and learn a valuable skill that will put you above the rest. 

Click the image below to learn more about the course and to sign up.