Creamy Natural Lightroom Mobile

Creamy Natural Lightroom Mobile


Creamy natural Lightroom mobile preset. The perfect preset to give your Instagram feed a cohesive beautiful look.

What's included:

1 Presets for Mobile Lightroom (.dng file)

This preset works best on photos with natural light, portraits, and photos with browns and neutrals.

This product comes with installation instructions.

What you'll need in order to use these presets:

1) Basic understanding of the Lightroom app. (Instructions are included.) 2) Access to a computer to download the presets before you transfer them to the free app. 3) After you've downloaded the presets to your computer, you will need to either Airdrop, email or text the preset files (DNG) to yourself and save them to your camera roll on your phone.

Please note due to the fact that this is a digital file refunds will NOT be issued. If you have any questions please send me a message first.

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