Looking to create your brand but you don't know where to even start?

The Create Your Brand Ebook and Workbook will give you the right tools and actions to help you build your brand from start to finish for the price of your next lunch!


HI, I'm Meagen!

In 2012 I graduated from design school and got my first job here in Toronto at a local brewery as their Graphic Designer. While I absolutely loved working there I kinda knew I wanted to test the waters and go solo with a freelance business. Since 2013 I've been helping people from all over the world build beautiful brands for their business. I believe everyone should have access to the skills to build their own brand and that's why I created the, Create Your Brand Ebook + Workbook.  


Not being intimidated by the thought of branding your own business
Not having to spend $$$ on a designer
Walking away with a good understanding of typography, colour theory, and the logo design process
Not only designing your brand but understanding your goals, values, beliefs, and target audience
Walking away with a brand you are proud of!

Most branding courses cost hundreds of dollars!


Because I believe you shouldn't have to break the bank to learn about branding and design I created this pocket friendly ebook + workbook for only $9.97.


Create your brand is more than just a workbook. It's jam packed with 7 modules and 55 pages of brand and design goodness. This book will not only help you build your brand but you will also learn important branding elements along the way so you're not left in the dark.


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Each Module has:

  • An introduction page to let you know what you can expect to learn and what you will walk away with.

  • Each module is packed with tips, lessons, and actionable steps in order to complete your brand from start to finish. There's plenty of room to write and sketch out your genius ideas.

  • A "Next Step" page at the end of each module prompting you to take action so you can complete that specific stage in your brand.


Scroll down to find out what each module has to offer.



Take a look inside!

This is just a small glimpse of what this ebook has to offer! 

"This was such an incredibly detailed workbook, it covered everything I could've come up with to design my brand/logo. She left no stone unturned. It really gave me many angles to come from and inspired me! Highly recommend!"

- Danielle McQuillen

BUY NOW for only $9.97.

55 page, 7 module ebook and workbook to help build your brand from start to finish.


This ebook is for you if:

  • You want to DIY your own brand

  • You are a design newbie

  • You aren't sure where to even begin with branding!

  • You are thinking about hiring a designer but want to understand your brand first

  • You want a pocket friendly guide full of valuable and easy to digest content


If you plan on DIY-ing your brand then Create Your Brand is a small investment that will help

7 Modules and 55 pages

Below are the 7 modules you will find in the ebook and workbook. Each module is packed with tips, lessons, and actionable steps to complete your brand from start to finish. There's plenty of room to write and sketch out your genius ideas.


Brand discovery

You'll dig deep and discover your brands voice, keywords, manifesto, goals, beliefs, likes, dislikes, and more.

Finding inspiration

Learn where to find the best inspiration and how to apply it to your brand.

Finding your target market

You'll learn how to create your ideal target market but using a very specific formula.


Typography tips and lessons

Discover what fonts work best for your brand and learn about different typefaces and more.

Colour theory

Discover the psychology behind different colours and which ones will work best for your brand

Logo design process

Step-by-step logo design process, plus tips on how to create a killer logo that works for your brand.


Creating a style guide

Learn how to create a style guide for your brand.

"We all know effective branding is essential for your business or blog's recognition and growth. Forth and Create's Create Your Brand workbook is a beneficial guide for brand discovery. The second half of the workbook was personally helpful as I contemplated various logo designs. The workbook's simple but insightful explanations on color theory and typography (who knew serif and sans serif aren't just random font names but terms to understand the appearance of the typeface?! I certainly didn't) was the aid I needed to finalize my blog's logo design. "

-Nastacia House |


Bonuses included

With the purchase of Create Your Brand you will also receive the following goodies...


Moodboard Template for Photoshop. This will come in handy when working through the ebook + workbook.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 5.18.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 5.15.09 PM.png

PDF of my favourite font pairings. Get inspired with free fonts. 


Brand board template to keep your brand in place. Room for your logos, colour palette, font palette, patterns and graphics, and brand inspiration.



What will I receive after purchasing?

Once payment has gone through you will instantly be able to download the PDF workbook. The bonuses will also be included in your package.

Can I get a refund?

Because this is a digital product I cannot offer refunds. If you have any questions before purchasing please feel free to contact me.

Who is this for?

Create Your Brand Ebook and Workbook is for people wanting to build a brand for their business. It's people who aren't familiar with the branding process, who aren't familiar with design, and just need a little help. If you are working with a designer fill out this baby and pass it along to them. Trust me, they will thank you for such a detailed look into your business.

What software do I need for the bonuses?

The moodboards work in Illustrator CS4+ and the social media templates work in Photoshop CS4+. You can download free 30 day trials of Illustrator and Photoshop over at Adobe.