10 Beautiful Serif Fonts For Your Brand

Today I’m sharing 10 beautiful serif fonts that you can use for your brand or your next project.

I hand selected my 10 favourite and listed them below. Enjoy! :)

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8 Ways to Refresh Your Squarespace Website

Your website is your online home. Much like your bedroom or an attic where you keep all your personal belongings, it can tend to get a little outdated and dusty if not properly maintained. 

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4 Ways to Customize Your Contact Form in Squarespace

Squarespace is a great place to host your website. They make it super easy to get your website up and running in no time. While their templates are beautiful as is sometimes it's nice to add a touch of your own uniqueness to it, especially if you are following strict brand guidelines. 

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Meagen Higginbottom
Branding Your Instagram Account For Success

A lot of people are choosing Instagram as their blog platform. You don't necessarily need a website to tell your story. If you are thinking of starting an account or maybe you have one now but are struggling with keeping it cohesive and consistent then today I'll be sharing a few Instagram branding tips to set you up for success.

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