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Branding Your Instagram Account For Success

A lot of people are choosing Instagram as their blog platform. You don't necessarily need a website to tell your story. If you are thinking of starting an account or maybe you have one now but are struggling with keeping it cohesive and consistent then today I'll be sharing a few Instagram branding tips to set you up for success.

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A Brand Guide Breakdown and Why You Need One Now

Whether you've put in a tonne of work designing your own brand or paid someone to do it for you it's pretty darn important you have a brand guide to keep everything in order.

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Top 9 Logo Sins You'll Want to Avoid

aise your hand if you've ever attempted to design a logo for yourself. 

If so, then you totally understand how it's an emotional rollercoaster ride. It usually starts off with excitement and then leads to frustration and self-doubt, and then back to being excited and so on. Eventually, you land on a final logo and if you aren't completely happy with it or if you are making critical errors when designing it then you'll likely keep having to rebrand yourself. 

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10 Ways To Improve Your Logo Now

Let's be honest, designing a logo can be stressful, especially if you aren't familiar with the basic design principals. In this post I've included 10 ways to improve your logo now. Whether you currently have a logo you are not happy with or you are looking to design one these tips should put you on the right path!

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